Miracle FP Fry Powder - 10kg

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Miracle FP Fry Powder - 10kg

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Quantity 10Kg:  Miracle FP comes in the form of an activated white powder. You simply sprinkle a small quantity on the top of your filter before emptying the pan into the machine, then filter in the usual way except that when the oil is removed it needs to be re-circulated within the machine for approximately 2 - 4 minutes before returning it to the pan. Filtering every day with Miracle FP not only removes food debris from the oil but it also extracts moisture and soluble liquid impurities that contribute to off flavours and odours usually associated with used oil and most importantly of all it keeps it clear and fresh for longer. Miracle FP is used extensively on a daily basis by many of the multi-national fast food companies who are making huge savings on oil costs with vast improvement in product quality.



This powder is food grade as fits into the chemical codex for food grade. The particle sizes are broad with an average of 60 to 70 microns 2. Miracle formula is MGO3 being Magnesium Trisilicate having Magnesium content of over 110,000 ppm Magnesium reaction as in antacid tablets we take is a neutraliser of acids and FFA’s. what it does not neutralise it then proceeds to absorb.. Miracle is thus ½ way between Food grade and pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical is 130,000 ppm or high is tablet form. Our plant makes Pharmaceutical grade powder, Magnesol does not. If you put magnesol in a tablet the tablet falls apart. Tablets need 20 microns to compress into a tablet. Our powder is thus denser and has a particle range of 40 to 100 microns with an average of say 50 to 65 microns which is approximately 75%. The other 25% is split between finer and lager particles.

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