Filter Pads & Oil Filtration Papers

Superpad is an easy-to-use, operator safe, environmentally friendly depth filter media used for treatment of edible frying oil. Single-Pass-SuperSorb®Carbon-Pad is a packaging of activated carbon, filter aids, and cellulose fibres. By uniquely adding each ingredient under controlled manufacturing practices, a uniform matrix results, that achieves superior filtration.

SuperSorb® CarbonPads remove critical particulate contamination from edible fry oils during the filtration process, down to fractions of a micron. Activated Carbon was chosen as the “active” agent because of its large reactive and adsorptive surface area. “Each level teaspoon of activated carbon particles exceeds the surface area of a football field.” Activated carbon has thousands of interconnected graphite-based platelets which create interior channels, holes, and pockets. This greatly increases adsorptive capacity over that of other powder filter aids, resulting in a filter media that achieves superior particulate and organic contaminate removal. Superpad White is an additive free cellulose fibre filter which acheives similar filtering results without the activated carbon.

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