Merlin Mobi Oil Filtration Machine

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Merlin Mobi Oil Filtration Machine


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The all NEW 20 Litre mobile filter machine designed specifically for
Edible oil filtration on Mobile catering vans and also the general restaurant / catering industry.
Designed in a 3 pce modular form, to be light & portable & uses the proven SuperSorb, Carbon Filter Pad.

The Filter Pad is widely acknowledged to be the finest filtration media for frying oils, filtering out carbon particles between 100 - 200 times smaller than an average grain of salt.

Improves fry quality.
Reduces oil waste.
Helps your Eco-Friendly image.
Small, Compact, Modular and Portable.

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The design of the filter machine: 20 Litre tank Enclosed two-way, hot oil pump. Mounted on a stable, robust, mobile trolley. Removable, stainless steel oil-receiving pan with lifting handles. Removable cover & integral crumb tray. Mono-Fit Supersorb Pad holder Oil Dumping (IF Needed) via the insulated extract/return hose and nozzle direct to your drum. Easy and safe access for cleaning. Dimensions: 60cm (H) x 36cm (W) x 48cm (L) Under 26kg Assembled & 14kg (Motor Housing) for heaviest de-assembled component.