Jeff Stephenson

My name is Jeff Stephenson. I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of Premier1 Filtration.

Premier1 Filtration would like to introduce our latest model in the Merlin series of cooking oil and fat filter units.


Since E. A. Bittering introduced their first fat filter unit in 1982 There have been many changes and improvements to the original design.

Probably the most important and significant change was when myself, Steve Hill and Barry Adams broke away from Bitterling to design and manufacture the Opal System 2000 filter unit using a stainless steel symmetrical spun base for perfect sealing of the filters, making sure that all the oil or fat to be filtered had to pass through the filter and none bypassed around the sides. (All todays’ machines are based on our original design).

However the machines only used a quite coarse viscous rayon sheet (which is still used today as our primary filter). It removed the heavy sediments but let the finer particles back through into the pan. During 2001/2002 we spent a lot of time with one of the UK’s major filter media manufacturers, developing our first “Superpad”. There was much experimenting and many changes made during that time in order to get the density and flow rate optimised.

We introduced the Superpad to our customers in July 2003 and it was an immediate success. By removing the micro - fines or cloudiness from the oil or fat we were able to make it last much longer between changes whilst substantially improving product quality during that period. In many cases because of soakage and freshening, some fryers were finding there was no need to completely change at all.

With improved filtration came the need to increase the size and power of the motor in order to obtain the suction necessary to filter through the Superpad. We also increased the capacity and flow rates of our pump in order to speed up the process. However we soon realised that increasing flow rates worked against optimal filtration so we settled on our 22 Liter/Min High capacity unit, which is now standard in all our machines.

Until now the most powerful motor available on any filter unit in the UK has been 0.25Kw. With the introduction of our latest ACTIVATED CARBON SUPERPAD, although our standard motor in the Merlin Top Fry is adequate to be used with them, we felt that our new MERLIN MASTERFRY needed upgrading, so we have uprated it’s motor to 0.37Kw making it the most powerful, the quietest and the most efficient machine available in the UK today.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Activated carbon was chosen as the "active" agent due to its large reactive and adsorptive surface area. It has thousands of interconnected graphite-based platelets, which create interior channels, holes, and pockets. This increased adsorptive capacity over other filter types, results in a filter media that achieves superior particulate and organic contaminant removal. Each level teaspoon of activated carbon particles exceeds the surface area of a football field.

Secondary frying oil or fat degradation, or oxidation, is caused by the introduction of food (water and metal ions) into the oil or fat. Traditional filtration systems are designed to remove larger particles (>15-20 microns). Smaller particles (

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